May 23, 2012 Elma, N.Y.


An Elma businessman announced his candidacy for a new state Assembly seat Wednesday.

David Mariacher says he plans to enter the open Republican Primary in September.

The new district includes all of Wyoming County, as well as eastern and southern Erie County.

Mariacher is a financial and estate planner, who says his 17 years in business make him qualified to to go Albany. His priorities are funding for rural hospitals, roads and bridges, and help for farmers, but at the top of his list is the state's business climate.

"Extremely friendly business environment; constantly bringing that message to Albany. Creating that environment where we can bring people into the state and prevent them from leaving," said Mariacher, (R).

Mariacher also plans to seek the Conservative and Independence lines.

He was joined by two Buffalo Bills Hall of Famers as he made his announcement: Thurman Thomas, who is his brother-in-law, and Jim Kelly spoke on his behalf.


May 23, 2012  Elma, NY.

At the Elma Town Hall, David P. Mariacher, was joined by his family ; including his brother-in-law  former Buffalo Bills Running Back  Thurman Thomas,  friends; including former Buffalo Bills Quarterback Jim Kelly, local officials from various towns and supporters, announced his candidacy for the new 147th New York State Assembly Seat.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank all the outstanding Republican Committee members from Erie and Wyoming County who I had the pleasure of meeting the last few weeks.” said Mariacher. “Without them, I would not have the chance to be able to run in this open Republican primary in September.”


“If elected, I will fight the Albany Bureaucrats' every single week I am in Albany.” remarked Mariacher. “Stabilizing funding for our vital rural hospitals, repairing our decaying roads and bridges, finding ways to assist struggling farmers and stimulate our important agriculture economy are just a few of the issues I will embrace from day one.”

Mariacher continued, “Southern Erie and Wyoming county deserves a strong, straight-headed Assemblyman who will; listen to all taxpayers, residents, small business owners and farming community members understand what they need, and deliver back what they deserve.”

“Our community is struggling. Just drive around the district - we need help,” Mariacher added. “We need new leadership, new ideas, new blood. We need a kickstart in the right direction and I believe that my background and energy can help make this happen.”

“I love our community and it kills me to see our area struggle so,” reflected Mariacher. We need to stop the politics and bring people together.”


Mariacher  noted that his campaign will be grassroots oriented. He plans on visiting as many voters and residents as possible in person within the next three and half months. “The best way for people to believe that I am the right person for the job is for them to meet me personally. Earning their trust is very important to me.”

“If ordinary citizens are forced to live within their means, well so should our lawmakers in Albany,” Mariacher stated. “As a longtime financial and estate planner, I believe in prudent planning, conservative ideals and the ban sense principle of fiscal restraint.”

“I truly believe I can make a difference,”  Mariacher said.

Mariacher, a registered Republican, who has never run for political office before, will be circulating Republican petitions for the open

primary in September. He is currently working to secure the Independence and Conservative Party endorsements. Mariacher has been endorsed by the Elma Republican Committee.


August 2, 2012


August 8, 2012 Wyoming County. 

WARSAW -- Two Wyoming County officials have announced their support of David Mariacher for the 147th Assembly District.

Chairman Douglas Berwanger and Vice President Douglas Patti of the county's Board of Supervisors endorsed the Republican Mariacher.

"Mr. Mariacher has shown character, dedication and a willingness to work hard, all very important traits necessary to successfully represent Wyoming County in Albany," said Berwanger in a news release. "We look forward to working with him."

Mariacher, 52, of Elma has been financial and estate planner since 1993, as owner operator of an LPL Financial Services branch. He also spent more than 17 years before that as a construction and development manager for infrastructure projects throughout Western New York, as part of his father's company.

Mariacher is among three declared GOP candidates seeking to fill the seat, which is held currently by the retiring Assemblyman Daniel Burling, R-Warsaw. They also include David DiPietro and Chris Lane, both of East Aurora.

"I am very pleased and humbled to receive this strong endorsement from these two gentlemen and leaders of Wyoming County," Mariacher said in the release. "I thank them for their confidence in my candidacy and look forward to working with them as I campaign for the 147th Assembly District seat. The people of the 147th District and Wyoming County can be assured that as their Assembly representative, I will be a strong voice for our shared values, beliefs, and hard work ethic."


August 25, 2012

Kevin Smardz endorses New York Assembly candidate David Mariacher.

Kevin Smardz and David Mariacher

Kevin Smardz and David Mariacher

SPRINGVILLE — New York State Assemblyman Kevin Smardz has announced his endorsement of Republican and small business owner David Mariacher’s campaign for the 147th Assembly District in southern Erie and Wyoming counties.

“David Mariacher is running for State Assembly with one interest in mind, and that is the hardworking taxpayers of the 147th Assembly District,” Smardz said. “A devoted family man, small business owner and active member of our Western New York community, David Mariacher represents the fundamental principles we hold as Republicans and taxpayers. I place my full support in his candidacy and encourage voters to do the same at the polls, Sept. 13th.”

Smardz noted that he entered the political arena “because I tired of watching my neighbors leave Western New York due to a lack of opportunity.” He said he saw a need for new candidates on the ballot and added that he strove to make his public service “a forum, not for personal gain, but where I could make a difference in my community,” instead of a career.

The current assemblyman said he wanted to assure the voting public that Mariacher “will fight to ensure New York state government lives within its means, answering only to the taxpayers it is entrusted to serve. By reigning in wasteful government spending, reducing taxes that burden families and drive jobs from our region and eliminating costly state-unfunded mandates, David Mariacher will fight to ensure that there is a future for you and your family, here in Western New York, with the opportunities you deserve.”

The newly-reapportioned 147th Assembly District comprises 10 towns, including Boston, Brant, Colden, Collins, Concord, Eden, Evans, Holland, North Collins and Sardinia.

The primary election will be held Thursday, Sept. 13.


August 31, 2012

iacher Endorsed

HAMBURG — State Assemblyman Kevin Smardz has endorsed David P. Mariacher for the 147th Assembly district.

“David Mariacher is running for state Assembly with one interest in mind, and that is of the hardworking taxpayers of the 147th Assembly district,” Smardz, R-Hamburg, said in a news release. “A devoted family man, small business owner, and active member of our Western New York community, David Mariacher represents the fundamental principles we hold as Republicans and taxpayers.”

Mariacher is running against David DiPietro, Chris Lane and Dan Humiston in seeking the GOP endorsement for the district.

Smardz himself announced his interest in the district — and was endorsed by outgoing Assemblyman Daniel Burling — but dropped out of the race in June.


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